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  • Benjamin Taffee

    "Ben Taffee is a stand-up, honorable, empathetic guy with a wonderful family and a secretary that adores him. When I figure out why in blazes he's a cop, then I'll be a real sleuth." --[[:asa-specs-jacobi | Asa "Specs" Jacobi]]

  • Curtis Briggs

    Curtis has always been a good cop, and he takes pride in keeping the city safe and helping others. However...some laws just don't make sense to him. And for those who fight against them...he's always been willing to give them some slack. Starting off …

  • Luke Hawksford

    Luke is determined to make up for sins. Oddly, they aren't his. Growing up with [[:jay-endsley | Jay Endsley]], the two started out as good friends before Jay went down certain roads. Now Luke is following his former friend with the determination to …

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