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  • James "Jimmy" Dashiell

    James Morton Dashiell was born in Battle Creek, Michigan into a loving family-- his mother Rachel and his father Howard had four children. James was the third (he has an older brother, Howard Jr.; an older sister, Melanie; a younger brother, Charles, …

  • Old Smoky

    He's been around a while, has Old Smoky. Since the fire of '09, in fact. Since then the first floor of the Burdick Hotel really hasn't been the same, 104 and the diner in particular... Kath never seems to have straws, though she's constantly putting …

  • Henrietta Wilson

    Henrietta is missing her hands, her eyes and her heart. She seems to like being talked to, but doesn't like telling about what happened to her. A black woman in a faded dress, she usually steps out of Twilight when called; she leaves handprints on …

  • Angela

    Angela sits under a tree near a clearing at Oakwood Park. She sits, quietly, and she watches the birds that live in her tree. Her bones are tangled in new roots at the base of it. This is her tree now.

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