The Sundown Eyes

Sunglasses at Night


Threshold: The Prey

Keys: Pyre-Flame, Stillness

Skill: Stealth

Being blind does a lot of things to you. One of them is obvious. The others, less so. The Sundown Man wore these for as long as he had no eyes to see with (a long time), and now he’s passed them on to Asa.

One of those things, by the way, is not being noticed. The blind tend to sit very still, listening to the sound of their own heartbeat that reminds them that, yes, I am still here. Asa has found that these shades darken others’ eyes instead of his own, allowing him that quiet, unnoticeable quality of the crippled. They’re also his prescription.

Asa doesn’t wear them if he doesn’t need to, though. The reflection in the glass, of a man with a sunset shining from his skull and whispers written in horizon clouds is… a little unsettling. Puts him off his work, frankly.


The Sundown Eyes

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