The Jacobis

The Tree the Apple Fell From


Asa’s Family is composed of:

Janos (Grandfather)

Fela (Grandmother)

Louis (Father)

Rose (Mother)

Elizabeth (Younger sister)

Ellen (Still younger sister)

Mary (Youngest sister)


Asa is the oldest of four children, raised by Louis and Rose, emigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After they arrived in 1885, they brought over grandpa and grandma from the old country. Asa was born in 1890, with his sisters in rapid succession after that. They all live in Cleveland, in a big old boarding house, although Elizabeth is getting to the point of moving out soon.

“I was lucky, growing up. Mom and Pop did fine raising me and the girls, brought me up properly and sent me to college. Mom still doesn’t stop pestering me about whether I’ve met some nice girl up here in Michigan. Yeah, like I really want to have intimate relations with Sundown watching over my shoulder. Oy.” —Asa “Specs” Jacobi

The Jacobis

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