Railway Rob

Railway Engineer


For 20 years, Robert Jensen had lived a high life working on the railways. After his father had come to America to follow a booming industry, Rob couldn’t help but chase after him on roads of metal and steam. Sadly, after the war in Europe, the railroads hit odd times and Rob joined many in the strike of 1920. As a part of the engineer union, Robert had little to fear for job safety, and yet he worried about all the others being bounced and undercut around him. By now, amends are starting to be made and some of the law men found the companies really weren’t to blame for high prices and low wages. All those damn laws trying to “protect” the American people were real kickers.

Finally, the damn politicians out East dropped the final straw and threw liqueur out as well. Its here that Robert decided he must have been brought here to save the rest of these saps from themselves. Since Rob not only knew most of the American railway network like the back of his hand but also held a respected position in the company, it wasn’t too hard to have a train take a little longer at the station, or maybe ease up a little under speed at certain crossings. Once the crews figured out what he was doing, all of them not only threw in behind him, but shoved some of their stuff into storage to get more space. He’s already been offered conductor multiple times, but Rob still likes to work where he is.

Railway Rob, as it is, now supplies all over the lines. Usually he tries to get to dryer areas where the law just cracked down, but everyone wants hooch nowadays. He has been falling under some suspicion lately, so Rob’s been trying call in some of his old buddies to help. He’s also stopped trying to hide his deeds from the younger workers, especially after the incident where he forgot to call ahead when he pushed over the limit and almost got one guy killed. Course the lucky kid, Matt or something, somehow got out of the way, but damn if that didn’t give Rob pause for a bit.

Railway Rob

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