Luke Hawksford

Beat Cop


Luke is determined to make up for sins. Oddly, they aren’t his.

Growing up with Jay Endsley, the two started out as good friends before Jay went down certain roads. Now Luke is following his former friend with the determination to prove to the world that not all cops are bad.

Don’t get Luke wrong however, he does care for more than just making up for Jay. His enjoyment is real at helping others out with their problems, and if he gets a little to personal with catching crooks and con men, well who’s to blame him when they target honest folk who could barely afford it?

His current partner is Curtis Briggs, and the two started off with a rocky relationship, but after a certain speakeasy bust turned bad, they’ve developed into close friends. Rumors suggest a certain “Slick Slide” had something to do with helping them out of a jam, but those are just speculations. However, Luke has been showing more leniency to regular folk who just happened to screw up and common guys who just want to fight a iron-handed system.

“Folk like Luke are dangerous. They pick one person to balance out for, and before you know it, a whole lotta other folks are pushing up that end of the scale, and daisies besides.” —Asa “Specs” Jacobi

Luke Hawksford

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