Curtis Briggs

Beat Cop


Curtis has always been a good cop, and he takes pride in keeping the city safe and helping others. However…some laws just don’t make sense to him. And for those who fight against them…he’s always been willing to give them some slack.

Starting off as a coal miner out in the Rockies, his family moved out to Michigan to follow the Car Boom currently taking off. His father and older brothers immediately joined up in local car factories, but Curtis wanted something different. he went to the police looking for work.

Now Curtis patrols around the town with his partner Luke. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s got a lot of heart and firm, genuine belief in Justice and a Greater Good. The law is important to Curtis. However…if the law isn’t really a law, or if he happens to personally know a someone has a good heart and was acting to help others, then well, that changes things don’t it? There is always a Greater Good out there, and always the hope for a better, safer world for everyone. And who knows, maybe the damn politicians will get their noses out of honest people’s lives and things will go back to normal.

“Before Prohibition, they’d call a cop like this an easy touch. Slow with the speeding tickets, a wink for two high school kids caught behind the bleachers. Since Prohibition, though, the word ‘sucker’ has gotten a lot more use. Like Curtis. He’s a real swell. And a sucker.” Asa “Specs” Jacobi

Curtis Briggs

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