Doctor Anthony Catrell

Coroner Extraordinaire


Anthony never really wanted to be a doctor.
When he had that bout with scarlet fever (it was a miracle he pulled through, really), the Thespian knew that.
They’ve been real close ever since.

The Doctor is employed at Bronson Hospital, but only because it’s the best place to do his real job (county coroner). He’s an odd one, that’s for sure— though he can speak with the dead (and he’s helped solve a couple of murders that way, in fact), he prefers the dead who don’t respond when he talks to them… the Thespian excluded, of course.

The Thespian himself is an odd one as well. Dressed in Elizabethan clothing, he speaks eloquently and has a flair for the dramatic— that trick he does with his face is a favorite.

Doctor Anthony Catrell

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