Annie Decker

Seriously Classy Dame


Annie is 5’2" tall (5’5" in heels). Her dark hair is perfectly curled and frames her face just so— a perfect frame for a pretty picture. Her eyes are the color of the sky at dusk, a rich dark blue not often seen. She used to work as personal assistant to Mrs. Grace Upjohn, and was paid extremely well for it.

After a scathing article in the Kalamazoo Gazette, Annie skipped town for a few days. She still hesitates to show her face around town, wearing a wide-brimmed hat pulled low when she goes out. She’s lying low for the time being, but she’s picked up another job- another secretarial position, working for Asa Jacobi at Pale Horse Investigations.

“Ms. Decker is sharp, no question about that. You have to be to work at the right hand of… well, I guess the Upjohns are as close to royalty as we get in this town, so sure. Royalty. And her figure’s nothing to look down your nose at, either, especially if she catches you looking. Pity she’s moony over that bank clerk.” —Asa “Specs” Jacobi, Private Investigator, Pale Horse Investigations

Annie Decker

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