Nightmare on Vine Street

You Need to be Civilized for Civilization

In which Asa's trigger finger gets too itchy

(Scrawled in Asa’s notebook while waiting for Eddie and Slick)

Pierce is encouraged by the town down here in the Underworld. By the little maquette of civilization the dead have put together down here. By the ‘friendly’ ghosts. I’m not. I’m mad as hell about all of it, really.

He doesn’t get it, and I don’t blame him. This whole damn place has complicated my job description considerably. More than I had anticipated. I would be a liar if I’d said that I had never wondered what happened to ghosts whose anchors had just rotted away or gotten torched. Looks like I found my answer.

I lost my temper, something I really should be ashamed of. The little carrion crow, chirping at us, lying to me. To me, a Sin-Eater, whose job it is to fix this mess. I lost my temper, like I said, but I don’t regret it too much. I think I left that nice part of me up above. I’ve got to get out of here.

The nice lady ghost at the “Library” down here is awfully fond of strawberries. I think any of the spooks down here are just happy for anything with a little color, or flavor, or scent. She opened right up after that and we had a good chat, bookworm to bookworm. I think I would’ve liked her, in life. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

Things have cleared up a little bit up above, speaking of. Looks like whoever buried the younger Ms. Steinfeld didn’t bury her deep enough. I may need to rectify that if she’s going around tearing people and ghosts to pieces. I also have to look into some business over on Douglas street when I’ve got the time. And Henrietta, of course…

Oh, and a surprise. Ms. Decker has returned to Kalamazoo, prodigal little frail that she is. She came to me looking for help. I gave her a job and introduced her to Henrietta. Figured it’d be best to get the screaming out of the way right to begin with, but she took it pretty well, considering. It was either that or she rummaged through the files until she got her answer that way. I can’t recommend murderers highly enough for such occupations, really. Organized, committed, focused and bright. Ideal secretary, really.

Just gotta make sure she doesn’t get upset with the benefits. I’ve already died once, although she’s got much better gams than Frankie Snake Eyes…



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