Nightmare on Vine Street

Wood's Lake 1

From the notebook of Charles Pierce

- There is an Avernian Gate at the bottom of Wood’s Lake

- Henrietta Wilson has a locket and a wedding ring, which serve as her anchors, they appear to be tied to her two children and her husband. The locket was recovered with the body, the ring is with her hands.

- Both her hands and eyes were removed prior to her death, the cause of which was her heart being cut out. While I originally suspected her husband, and she did admit to having committed adultery, it appears now that something supernatural is involved.

- Something in the park is eating ghosts, of which there are a disproportionate number of female victims. It also appears that it is collecting body parts from its victims.

- The coroner in Kalamazoo is a Sin-Eater, a very odd one from the sounds of it, not to be trusted necessarily. He speaks with the dead, but he prefers the bodies that do not speak back.

- A nearby witness indicated that she was killed in the same fashion, however she has no desire to move on, she preferes to watch the birds, she may become a valuable source of information, despite the fact that she can not speak.

- Prior to the arrival of the “she-thing” which is devouring the ghosts a group performs a ritual wearing black sheets over their heads.



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