Nightmare on Vine Street

Explorer's Log 328

Year 4 Month 3 Day 27

Mr. Maxwell has finally started taking me seriously. We journeyed into the Underworld again and the Map has finally found a purpose. It kept pulling and tugging…and now the path is clear. Mr. Maxwell even seems to feel the pull now, albeit only to a very odd and small degree.

The Sergeant’s companion has been most helpful in convincing Mr. Maxwell to foray into these depths. As we mapped, I sensed a little bit of uneasiness from him. The Sergeant’s companion has some form of motive for exploring down here, but as long as the Map is completed, I care not what it is. Mr. Maxwell seems to, but also seems to trust this…reporter(?) as a friend. Who can say what will happen?

I do wish the Sundown Man would take more interest in the lower worlds. Both he and his companion seem to dislike and avoid them as much as possible. Maybe I can convince Mr. Maxwell to show Sundown’s companion around the city here a bit more. The world above and the worlds below are linked more than any of us can imagine, and the possibilities are endless. Still, I must admire the companion, his dedication to duty is admirable. And something that Mr. Maxwell will hopefully pick up on.

The final Geist and companion are still a mystery to me. The companion seems to get around fine with Mr. Maxwell, and the two of them seem to have similar jobs(?), pastimes(?) at least. However the Hobo strikes me as…odd. I still do not understand what motivates him in the slightest. Perhaps Mr. Maxwell can convince the companion to tell me more about him.

Observations on our group aside, I admit to being puzzled by the deaths happening of late. Mr. Maxwell seems torn between getting to the bottom of the demon child and with dismissing it as someone else’s problem. I wish he would look deeper into the second forest we found, but the man has a stubbornness more solid than any mountain I’ve seen. At least the group seems closer to finding the answer.



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