There’s No Such Thing As Ghosts.

Everybody knows that.

And yet, we still look over our shoulders in the dark. We still hurry past that abandoned house, trying not to look at the windows for fear someone will be looking back at us. We still avoid the cellar without a lamp, we still come in before dark. We still tell ghost stories around campfires, and we laugh— but our skin still crawls, our hair still stands up, and we still hurry back inside after the fire’s put out… just in case.

In Kalamazoo, the dead are getting restless. They’ve made themselves known, but people still call it a tall tale when somebody says they’re being haunted. Whether it’s just kids telling whoppers or grown-ups playing jokes, something is going on here.

It’s up to you to figure out just why those no longer with us… are still with us.

Nightmare on Vine Street

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